No Talent!

i've just realized that i have any talent. yes, the boy with no talent haha. ya, even my friends said that i have some talent but i just dont realize it. hidden talent, they called. i have no talent argh! so it means i haven's something to be proud of mine! shit! i'm envious to the people who have talent, even just one. hell with me! gw pengen punya satu aja bakat yg menonjol, that i can show up to everyone, yg bisa gw banggain dari diri gw sendiri. hell yeah!

i'm the boy with no talent!


jadi males

kenapa akhir-akhir ini ini gw jadi males ilp? padahal kan gw ga boleh males demi masa depan gw ckck. kenpa jadi ga ada semangat gini ya? jangan ilang dong semangat belajar bahsa inggrisnya!