Have you ever feeling so empty while you’re having so many things to be grateful for? I’ve been there. And still there.  Many times. Have you ever been in the situation that you have many choices to face and none of them fit you? Yes, I’m now in that situation. In my case, they all are fit me, but I just don’t know, I’m feeling something in it, the small parts, smallest part, it just not fit me. No, I don’t want perfection. Because I already know that there’s nothing perfect.  And yes, I already know that this time is the phase to make any choices and I have to decide, like it or not, soon. Because it’s not the things that gonna happen for days or weeks. The effects from the decision I should make will catch me in months, years or even in all your life. Time will heal, they said. Yes it will heal, as long you know the goal or purpose from decision you take and how you run it. I know. To know the answers from the entire question you have in your life, there’s only one way. Think before you decide. Take the decision. Catch the effect. Enjoy your goal.

Ok, it sounds really weird, eh? I ask the question to myself, and I already know the answer. But sometimes, I just like don’t know what to do. Or maybe, I just think too general. Not specific. Yes, I dare to bet that you may be confused to read all of this. But that’s how my minds work. Weird, eh?  Yes, that’s life. There’s no stop if you’re talking about life. Yeah, never mind. It’s just some weird bullshit that came to my mind. Sorry for wasting your time to read this. I never asks you to read this, rite? 

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